What camera is best fo you?

A camera does not make the photographer. The photographer makes of his camera.
— Martínez, 2010


        As a kid I looked up to people with big lenses, huge cameras and a big camera bag. I asked my self if having all of that expensive equiptment meant having better photographic results. At a certain point of my childhood I convinced myself, and believed, that my photographic talent depended HUGELY on the equiptment I owned. This led to frustration, I couldn't afford that kind of equiptment. This turned from frustration to a limit.        

       Later on in my teens I came to the idea that expensive equiptment wasn't necessary to get the results I wanted, and this is true! But don't get me wrong, hi-end equiptment leads to better results but you can achieve the same results with low-end equiptment. SAME RESULTS. Nonetheless, I also started believing that artificial light was a MUST HAVE when it came to good photography. Again, this is very true but only when sunlight is not available or you want to tweek things up a bit. Artificial light is very helpful

to us in many ways, but this is a whole other story I will talk about in future blogs.

       The truth here is that all you need for good photography is be certain, know what you want to capture and the Sun. "WHAT! Okay, this guy lost his mind."  It's the truth! It took me years to figure this out! Sunlight does not work the way we think it works and it's not the light we think it is. It's the best light there is, I am truly in love with it. Take time and observe it, get to know how it works through the 24hr period and you'll understand what I'm talking about.